About Us

About Betacon

Betacon is Northeastern Pennsylvania's Premiere Gaming Expo, featuring role playing games, collectable card games, miniature games, video games, and more. 

Our Team

Andrew Sussman, General Chairperson

Department Heads

Advertising & Marketing: John Dawe, CNP, CFRE

Security: Dan Hawthorn

Strategic Partners: Andrew Sussman

Vendors and On-Site Logistics: Lee Leibert 

Volunteer Lead: TBA

Warhorn Administrator: John Bomersheim

Gaming Leads:

Collectible Card Games: Ryan Cerulli

Heroclix & Bloodbowl: Joe Vale

Role Playing Games & Board Games: John Bomersheim

Warhammer 40K: Marcus Avery

Head Magic the Gathering Judge: Billy Corcoran

Additional Team Members:

Rafael Perez

Kierstan Poplawski

Contact Us

The best way to reach us is to e-mail General convention info @ betaconpa.staff@gmail.com.  

If you're looking for vendor information, e-mail .leibertlee@gmail.com