Rules of Conduct

Rules for the Vendors: 

1. Vendors are limited to their areas;

if you are planning to leave your areas, 

please be respectful of the players and their privacy.

2. Upon arrival, please report to registration to recieve vendor badges. 

Once badges are recieved, you may unload your vehicle at the back door, behind the hotel. 

The time to arrive and unload your products/wares is 11am-2pm on Friday.

If not there by said time, you will be waiting till 4pm, when we start re-issuing for vendors. 

3. If you are a vendor who is interested in playing at the event, 

please head to registration and ask for a badge upgrade. 

4. Please maintain the cleanliness/organization around your area. 

5. Please do not leave your wares/products in the walking areas. 

6. If you are using outlets, please do not use multiple outlets that other people may need. 

Bring a power strip/bar. 

7. Please cover your items with a tablecloth/tarp when leaving. 

Security is provided, but not responsible for your items/loss of. 

(Off-Duty Armed Security Personnel)

8. Breakdown on Sunday should not be before noon, but no later than 7pm. 

9. We will be taking pre-registration for vendors, if interested, during the convention.

If you are interested, this will confirm you for September, at a discounted rate. 

10. Please clean up before you leave, take all trash/items with you when you leave the premises. 

11. Vendors are REQUIRED to have badges at all times. 

12. If you have any issues, please report to security, registration, or myself. 

Security is located at the door you entered, and will be walking around during the con.


Rules of Conduct: 

1. Make sure your badges are visable at all times.

Badges must be visable while playing games.

Your badge number is your ID;

If you do not have a badge visable while at a game, 

you will not be able to play. 

2. Be respectful of all guests. (GM's, Staff, Players, Vendors, Etc.) 

3. If you feel like its going to get you kicked out, 

Don't do it.

4. No jumping off the risers. 

5. Please be respectful of the equipment. If you break it, you have bought it. 

6. At registration, you pick up your auction stick with your badge number. 

7. We are not responible for any lost items at the convention.

Please be mindful of your items. If anything does end up missing, 

Please report to security/registration. 

8. Please be mindful of the tablecloths, we do not have extras.

9. Please be mindful of the space, keep it clean and managed. 

10. No alcohol in the room until after 10pm.

11. Please be respectful if children are in your area;

Do not use profanity if children are nearby. 

12. All rules that the hotel has are enforced here.