There are several definitions of the term – indie games.

For Betacon the definition is a game system not supported by highly structured organized play organizations.  Some games offered may be both regularly published scenarios or ones that are available as extra content from the publisher or third-party organizations or original works by a local author.  All games will be attributed and labeled to the proper source.  From time to time a game system may transition from the INDIE GAMES section to a section of its own based on the number of tables run/played and vice versa.  Reward certificate boons will be used with conditions accepted across other INDIE GAMES specific to each boon and acceptance by future GMs.

Other systems to be added as requested and staffed. 

Please contact to volunteer or add systems.

Art Lobdell has been running RPGS since 1978 locally and at national conventions such as GenCon, DragonCon, Origins Game Fair and many more.  His home convention is Conncon.  Most recently his concentration as been with Paizo Publishing Games, but now is delving deeper into other systems.