July 9, 2020 Dear Friends, Today, the BETACON senior leadership team held a virtual meeting and voted unanimously to cancel BETACON10. This decision was made with tremendously valuable feedback from our coordinating advisory committee. We want to be transparent with the reasons we came to this decision: Several of our gaming coordinators are regional and live in New York or New Jersey.  Both are locations that are under mandatory travel quarantines, with no sign of that lifting before September.  We won’t ask our volunteer coordinators to come to Pennsylvania for one weekend and then be required to self-quarantine for two weeks, making them need to miss work and other activities. […]

Thanks from Betacon 9!

On behalf of all of us at Betacon, we want to thank everyone who made Betacon 9 possible.  From Role Playing Games to Magic: the Gathering, from Bloodbowl to Heroclix to Vendors and Board Games, everyone had fun! Our post-convention survey was completed by about 40% of attendees and shows that our hard work between Betacon 8 and 9 paid off, and also that, of course, we still have work to do to make Betacon 10 an amazing experience for all. According to the survey, participants in Betacon 9 attendees ranked their overall satisfaction with the convention at a 4.29/5.  When asked if they had fun, the overall score was […]

Convention Security

The Betacon Security staff members are volunteer agents with the skills necessary to ensure the safety of con-goers, fellow staff, vendors, and their merchandise at all time. Each member of security has a form of security and/or emergency medical background. Our armed staff members are certified Act-235 agents by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, therefore are professionally trained to use the tools and equipment on their person. We also have Betacon Staff members (not limited to Security) that are state/nationally licensed Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, and Emergency Medical Response agents/personnel. The Head of Betacon Security provides a basic trauma kit for minor injuries and stabilization for more serious injuries until an […]

Indie RPGs

There are several definitions of the term – indie games. For Betacon the definition is a game system not supported by highly structured organized play organizations.  Some games offered may be both regularly published scenarios or ones that are available as extra content from the publisher or third-party organizations or original works by a local author.  All games will be attributed and labeled to the proper source.  From time to time a game system may transition from the INDIE GAMES section to a section of its own based on the number of tables run/played and vice versa.  Reward certificate boons will be used with conditions accepted across other INDIE GAMES […]

Water for Your New House

Water for Your New House

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