On behalf of all of us at Betacon, we want to thank everyone who made Betacon 9 possible.  From Role Playing Games to Magic: the Gathering, from Bloodbowl to Heroclix to Vendors and Board Games, everyone had fun!

Our post-convention survey was completed by about 40% of attendees and shows that our hard work between Betacon 8 and 9 paid off, and also that, of course, we still have work to do to make Betacon 10 an amazing experience for all.

According to the survey, participants in Betacon 9 attendees ranked their overall satisfaction with the convention at a 4.29/5.  When asked if they had fun, the overall score was 4.66/5. 

One of the biggest requests was a fully comprehensive website, so we have reorganized, redesigned, and re-launched this site!  Please feel free to e-mail us your feedback at betaconpa.staff@gmail.com.