About the Adventure: This season Adventurer’s League is going to Hell.  (literally).  We have descended into the 9 realms and hopefully we will make our way back out.  Adventurer’s League is a great place to get started in the hobby.  Beginners are always welcome and we have a great community that will help out and welcome you with open arms. 

Wendi MarakWendi Marak, coordinator for Adventure League, writes, “I have been playing D&D for 30+ years with my dear heart and my children.  We have made many great friends and so have our kids. 

I love helping to organize conventions because I really believe that organization is my superpower.  

The one thing that you should know about me is that in all that time I never learned to make characters.  My husband makes them for me.  That is why I have made sure to include the players guide here to help you get started. I can’t wait play a game with you!”

Next Steps:
You can see what Dungeons & Dragons: Adventure League games are scheduled for Betacon at our Warhorn Page. You can hold your seat at one of the game tables once you’ve bought your Betacon 10 pass!