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Enter your original work in the BETACON scenario design contest.

The entry may be in any RPG system but must be written by the author submitting the work, to which the author has the rights.  The RPG system must be named upon entry.

By submitting an entry, the author grants rights for a two-year period for the use of the work at Betacon or at other events as long as identified as a Betacon Original.

The work will be judge by a staff panel with a component going to an online poll and an in-person attendee ballot coupon.

Scenarios may be the type where player bring characters or characters provided. Judging will be weighted on story, plot, creative design (and if included characters, maps and illustrations.)

The author(s) need not be present to win however, bonus points will be offered for authors who schedule the scenario as an event at Betacon.  Additional points will be award for each running of the event at Betacon.

The entry deadline for completed scenarios is April 1, 2020.  Please bring or send 5 or more copies to be used for attendee reads/voting at the show.  In addition to the complete scenario a one page adventure summary is required as is a one page marketing/splash piece.